Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perth - Han's Cafe

Went to Westfield Carousel shopping mall for dinner and movie.
I always go to Hans Cafe when I am there as it is a safe bet and the food is not bad.

I chose to sit at the counter so I dont have to talk to any waiter/tress, I can just touch the screen to order. lol
Lets Start the experience!

Ordered the fried spring roll for entree. It was just plain vegetable spring rolls so there was nothing special about it.

Pad Thai - Approx $9.90

The quality of the Pad Thai in Carousel is quite inconsistent, sometimes it tastes really good sometimes it doesn't. This time it was alright.

Hans Cafe is all around Perth and it is a very convenient and reasonably priced place to dine in. Personally, I don't find their food authentic, but their food is still good. Good place to go if you just want a quick meal.
Rating: 2.75/5

After the quick dinner, we went to watch the Inglorious Basterds in La Premiere.

Tarantino is a real genius although I can't stand the very graphic and gruelsome scenes that are part of his style, but all i had to do was to cover my face and peep through my fingers for half the movie. The film was so powerful I still can't stop thinking about it till now! I want to watch it again and I would say it's a classic. I think if you like Godfather, you will like this.

and.... most importantly i think Daniel Bruhl is sooooooo hot! and he speaks so many languages fluently...

definitely buying the dvd once it is out!

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