Saturday, August 29, 2009

Singapore - Crystal Jade / Coffee Bean

I don't think there's a need to review Crystal Jade since everyone pretty much knows the type and quality of food they serve. But I'll just show some of the dishes that I love and always order anyway.

Spring Onion Oil La Mian. approx $6. First time i'm ordering this, usually i get the chili beef la mian though ever since Crystal Jade changed their menu, it wasn't as nice. Doesn't look like much but delivers otherwise.

I love the la mian here. Handmade and nice.

And who can forget every table's staple dish at Crystal Jade, xiaolongbaos! Pity they took away the piece of cabbage placed under the xiaolongbaos. It made it easier to remove and also made a healthy snack when the xiaolongbaos have all been eaten up.
Xiao Long Bao - pork dumplings wrapped with a thin layer of nicely folded dumpling skin. Be careful when you bite it as the juice from the pork will burst in your mouth and it might dirty your clothes!
The xiaolongbaos are eaten with vinegar. I love the soup inside cos its so rich! Apparently, the more folds there is on the xiaolongbao, the more skilful the chef is. A good xiaolongbao doesn't break, even when your use your chopsticks and lift it up.

Another of my favourite dish, the Chili Sauce Pork Dumplings! The skin is really soft, silky and smooth and the sauce is slightly spicy but packed with flavor.

mmmm...uber yummy. be sure to pour more sauce over the dumpling before devouring it.

The dessert -Strawberry pudding. apparently it wasn't very good (I didn't get to try it) Friend rated it 1/5. It was pudding with tiny bits of strawberries inside.

In case Crystal Jade comes after me for insulting their desserts, I'd like to place a disclaimer that the strawberry pudding wasn't rated/eaten by me but by my friend below. I ate and liked everything else (well 99% of the rest cos I was hungry and haven't had dinner)

My friend was really enjoying the xiaolongbaos.
After such a filling meal, one would normally talk a stroll to digest the food. But we headed over to Coffeebean for a cup of coffee cos I was feeling like a zombie. Such a lovely indoor ambience, but I had to sit outdoors thanks to xiaolongbao head.

Where we were sitting, watching the indoor people soak in the air condition.

Ordered an ice blended mocha and a hot mocha. The hot mocha is twice the size of an ice blended. I sprinkled chocolate powder on my mocha for extra chocolate flavor. nice and kept me awake until 5am. Repeat zombie mode the next day, 8am onwards.

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