Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perth - MissFattyFoodie goes shopping

MissFattyFoodie needs a detox!!! I came across Limes after a lazy sunday afternoon buying food for MissFattyFoodie'sDoggies. What a nice discovery!

Limes has a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, helps to keep the body healthy and mind clear.

Their fruits and vegetables are all very neatly stacked. It makes the fruits look so appealing and I bought a week's supply of salad and fruits. I am lazy so I bought a pack of mixed fruits that were already sliced up, all you have to do is to open the pack and eat it. (no stupid questions like how do i cut up a watermelon? How to remove the apple from the core? DONT BOTHER, buy the fruits pack like me and save the hassle!)

i am really confused with this section here, i have NO IDEA how to cook any of these or how it tastes like. Aren't artichokes used for potpourri? i WILL find out what are the uses/tastes of these vegetables.

Birds eye chillie aka chilli padi. I wonder who thought of the name, i have never seen any birds with eyes like that. LOL There is a chilli challenge coming up at my workplace and I should provide them with these, the smaller the more lethal, see who wins!

more green leafy vegetables
remember your portion of fruits and vegetables for the day!

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