Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perth - Sensations en Ardross

Sensations en Ardross is in Applecross, one of the richer suburbs of Perth. My tummy was rumbling and I was around that area, so I decided to go to check out the unique cafes on Ardross street.

Sensations en Ardross looked the most inviting so i went in!

The cafe has a very cosy and homey feel to it. It makes me want to snuggle under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.

It was crowded both inside and outside, the alfresco area was full so I had to sit inside.

MissFattyFoodie always has a problem with luck... the kitchen closed right before she was going to order her lunch! I ordered some cakes and coffee instead, who can say no to that?
prices are an approximate.

Passion Fruit Sponge - $6.50

Being the last slice left on the display, you can't blame the cake for being a bit dry. Nice passion fruit taste though but nothing spectacular. The plate they served the cake on is really pretty and gives you the feeling of dining at home or someone else's home.

Cherry Custard Wanton - $2.20

This pretty little thing served on the pretty little dish is very fun to look at. It may look good but it did not taste that good. The wanton skin was soggy and not crispy anymore. I think it will taste much better if I was there earlier and it is still fresh.

Mocha - $4.80

One thing good about australia is they have cheap beer and cheaper coffee. The coffee is here slightly more expensive than the coffee elsewhere. I was in desperate need for caffeine that day I drank it without giving much thought to its taste.

Lunch specials - which I did not get to try!
Overall rating: 3/5.
Location: Ardross St, AppleCross

The cakes and coffee were average. However, the cafe is a very nice chill out place and I will definitely go back again for coffee!

Sensations en Ardross is a gold-plate award winner so their food must be good. Hope i will have better luck next time!

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