Friday, August 28, 2009

Perth - MissFattyFoodie goes to Fremantle Market

MissFattyFoodie goes to Fremantle again! I love fremantle and I always go to the restaurants there, so please be prepared for more Fremantle posts!
There is this small and cute Ramen Restaurant that I have to recommend. I don't know if "DOSUKOI" is the name or its called Ramen House? Well there are only a few stalls that sell food in Fremantle Market so it is hard to miss this. On Saturdays and Sunday, you have to wait up to 1 hour just to get a seat! Since it is always crowded.... it must be good right?

It's not really crowded that day, so I went in! FINALLY! I have been to this place for about 5 times and was told to wait more than 30 minutes each time, so I was glad that it was not so busy that day, since its late in the afternoon and people probably had their lunch already.
This is the view from the inside, you can eat your ramen while watching everything that is going on outside.
His Order: Crispy Chicken with Soy Based Ramen $8.50
The chicken was crispy and was still fresh as I dont like soggy fried chicken in my noodles.
My Order: Prawn Dumpling Soy Based Ramen $8.50
The prawn dumpling is like gyoza, big juicy prawns in gyoza skin. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I prefer this to the chicken ramen as chicken is just so boring. lol
Whenever you order their ramen, they will cook it on the spot so your bowl of ramen is always fresh and hot! The broth was really tasty with very strong seafood/meat flavour, im not sure what is it, but its good.Note their opening hours!

Rating: 4.25/5
Location: Fremantle Market

I walked around Fremantle Market (as there are a lot of fun stalls to explore) with my warm belly full of yummy ramen, looking for a little after-lunch snack
There are so many unique stalls selling traditional food.. swedish chocolate ball looks good but that's not what i'm after...

This organic donuts must be good because they always sell out their donuts.. but this is also not the stuff I see everyone eating.... so moving on to find 'that'...

YES! THIS IS IT!!! The thing that everyone was eating, the thing that looks so beautiful and yummy. TORNADO POTATO!

You can choose chilli, bbq or cheese flavour. I would go with chilli, but HE wants bbq.

After coating the spiral potato in their batter, they fry it in deep fryer one, then fry it again in deep fryer 2.
All the Tornado Potatoes ready for frying!

BBQ seasoning coated Tornado Potato $3.50, 2 for $6
While the sides of the potato were crispy the inner part of the potato remained slightly juicy/chewy.
You have to try it if you are in Fremantle Market or in Singapore!(I heard they have it in Sg too)

He rated this: 5/5
MFF Rating: 4.5/5

update* potato tornado was last spotted in Market St Station Subiaco

I will definitely eat it the next time I go to Fremantle, or I might go to Fremantle just for this.
After that, i walked around Fremantle Market to buy some cheap fruits and vegatables.

i couldnt resist more strawberries! 2 punnets for $3. These strawberries are so big and juicy. They are quite sweet and not sour at all.

Pac-man shaped strawberry

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon


  1. Golly gosh they're so good!! Had my first one at subi today an am on the hunt for it on weekdays. Got any info??

  2. hello sammyboo! i agree the potato was really good! anyway, the last time i went to freo it wasn't there anymore, so i don't know where they have relocated. let me know if you find them elsewhere ok?