Saturday, August 22, 2009

Perth - Red Teapot at Northbridge

MissFattyFoodie went to Northbridge for lunch today instead of eating at her usual sad sad desk!!

My very passionate and sweet colleague read this blog and decided to bring me to one of her favourite restaurants.

Red Teapot is located at Northbridge and it is just a short drive from my workplace. The name is really unique and catchy! My impression based on the name was of a traditional small chinese restaurant with lots of teapots.
The restaurant is very small and I heard that it is very crowded on weekends. The exterior of the restaurant is actually very cute and not as traditional as I thought it would be.

The red interior makes the restaurant looks very modern yet funky in a way.

I dont know why in such a technology advanced world, there are still so many restaurants out there that dont accept EFTPOS!

I ordered the iced milk tea which was very sweet and thick, just the way i like it

This is the dish my colleague has been raving about:

Fried Squid - Approximately $13
The squid was really crispy (i dont like soggy fried squid) and the taste was right as it was not too salty. The combination of spring onions and chilli enhances the taste of this dish.

The next dish we ordered was the Braised Duck - approx $20

The duck was braised nicely as it was still juicy and does not taste dry. However, I found that the dish can be a bit more salty and it will taste better. It's still good though!

Fried beansprouts - approx $10

Very crunchy and delicious although it is such a simple dish.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

When we walked out of the restaurant, we could hear a man with an afro shouting on the street. He was actually just selling fruits on the street and my colleague was his regular customer. My colleague is not a strawberry, i just covered her face with one in case you were wondering...

This friendly italian will kiss you on your cheeks as a form of greeting, so girls and guys who are shy have to be prepared for such friendliness!

I initially thought a huge bag of strawberries costs $32 as i read the label wrongly, then i found out that it was only $2! I bought one pack on the spot.

This is only half of the pack of strawberries that I bought.

I realised the pack of strawberries was too big and I could not finish it! So I had a few ideas, maybe a strawberry cake? Strawberry juice? How about some Chocolate Coated Strawberries!??!?!?!

I took out the pack of dark cooking chocolate in my fridge that was sitting in there for quite a while.. Warm them over boiling water in a saucepan, i dont know if this looks stupid to people who often bakes and melt chocolate, but i don't know how to! I hope it's the right method. I only know that you should never microwave chocolate, that was such a bad experience! I also added in a bit of milk here. Once the chocolate is melted, whisk it till its smooth, and dip your strawberries in it!

Strawberry taking a chocolate bath.

Very uneven chocolate coated strawberries but it makes a very nice and simple snack. If you have strawberries in your fridge that are about to go bad but you dont want to throw them away, you can either blend them to make a strawberry milkshake or make this! easy peasy! Put them in a fridge for about an hour till the chocolate hardens then eat them with a glass of champagne or a glass of good white wine.

I'm sorry darlings, chocolate is poisonous for dogs and only to be enjoyed by humans.

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  1. hey is the guy selling strawberry still there? $2 for that bag of berries is great.

  2. everytime i go he is there, he owns the fruit shop there, but i think the berries are seasonal, but that shop sells cheap fruits, thanks for dropping by!