Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perth - DimSum on a lazy Thursday

Was supposed to meet my friend on Thursday but I called her to cancel because I was not feeling well. However, after some discussion we decided to go DimSum and I can't say no to that because i love it!

Dragon Palace is one of the newer additions to the Chinese Restaurants in Perth, Northbridge. I reckon their Dim Sum is one of the best in terms of variety and quality.

It was Thursday morning and we managed to get parking (can parallel park without cars in front or behind us!) as we were quite early. At around noon the whole restaurant was crowded, makes me wonder why these people don't need to work or go to school? (not realising that i was one of them)

Ordered Siew Mai (Pork and Prawn Dumpling), Har Gao (Steamed Prawn Dumpling), and Lao Sha Bao (egg yolk custard bun)

Lao Sha Bao is my favourite, they can be baked or steamed i like both! That day the bao was not hot enough so it didnt taste as good. The Siew Mai and Har Gao were yummy though!

Then we ordered more : Beancurd Skin Roll (with meat and veggie inside), Feng Zhao (chicken feet) and Beef Tripe. I absolutely love beancurd skin roll, but I am not a big fan of chicken feet and beef tripe.

Za Liong - Rice Flour Roll with Fried Dough (you tiao). This is made to order, it was so delicious! The Rice Flour was so soft and the Youtiao was crispy.

Lo Mai Gai - Sticky Glutinous Rice with Chicken, wrapped with lotus leaf. Undressing the Lo Mai Gai leaves you with a flavoursome sticky rice that absorbed the fragrance of the lotus leaf and chicken.

Hot and Steamy Malaysian Sponge Cake - the cake was soooo 'spongey' and soft. There was a strong vanilla and butter taste. It was good!

Rating: 4/5
Location: 66 Francis St, Northbridge.
ph no. 9228 2888
They have a karaoke section upstairs and are open for dinner as well. On weekends, avoid the crowd from 11am-1pm as you can wait up to an hour!

After lunch and a $50 parking fine for talking too much during dimsum (not checking the time) we went to King's Park to sit down and do nothing.

Spring has just begun and there were so many beautiful flowers around the park.
The flower below is called the Kangaroo's Paw.

Busy bumble bee

Sat with my friend for hours, this may be our last meeting before she leaves.

It was such a relaxing and enjoyable day.  I will definitely miss those days when she leaves this weekend. Hope you will have an adventure of your life!
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