Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perth - Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Brewery is a famous brewery located in Fremantle and everyone (locals and tourists alike) must go there if they love beer!
Some Australians regard Little Creature's famous Pale Ale as the best beer in the world. I used to like Hoegarden (german i think?) but I am a fan of Little Creatures after I have tried their  beer!

This is the main area of Little Creatures where you go for beer and food. They have awesome pizzas, tapas and dessert (more on that next time).

Little Creature Brewery is HUGE with a lot of indoor and outdoor areas (smoking areas too), they have about 5 bars inside all selling the beer on tap.

This is the other area of little creature (just beside the main area) where you get to buy their souveniers (all at very reasonable prices) and beers by cartons. Unfortunately I went on a weekend and the main area was full (there were a few hundred people) and I couldn't even find a single seat. So I had to go to this area which is smaller and not as crowded. They also dont serve food here :(

The interior is actually really nice and well lit thanks to its big windows. The crowd was pouring in as they couldn't get a table in the main area. They sell books on beer and brewery too. The place was also decorated with some really old antique looking luggages which were so cute i want to own one! It was a very nice place to sit and have a glass of cold beer.

Went to the bar to order my usual - Rogers Amber

Rogers Amber - approx $4 for a small glass.
As strange as it sounds, my friend and i both agreed that there was a subtle honeydew/rockmelon aftertaste.

Bought 2 bottles home and now i regret not buying more. I bought the famous Pale Ale ($3) and Rogers Amber ($2.60 approx.).  I love the cute paper bag which can be added to sg mff's paper bag collection!

Pale Ale was Singapore's missfattyfoodie's favourite beer here.  It has a mild bitter taste, but when you finish your sip, the after taste is sweet and refreshing. Makes you want to drink more!

Try it and taste for yourself if it is the best beer ever!

After writing this post, i am going to my fridge to open the icy pale ale which is waiting for me :)

** If you are new to Perth, I strongly recommend you visit Little Creatures and sit in their alfresco area (next to the harbour with boats parked just beside you). Very very nice place with good and cheap beer. They also have a wide selection of wines, but beer is their specialty!

Rating: I really can't rate this because it is my favourite hang out and i will be very bias (i will give it full marks which is too subjective). The food may not even be great to others but dining there is something i really enjoy and am excited about even though i've been there sooo many times.

Location: 40 Mews Road, Fremantle ( just beside the famous fish and chips area, so you can go there after fish and chips!)

Opening Hours: 
Mon - Fri 10am - 12am
Sat & Sun - 9am - 12am

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