Friday, September 11, 2009

Perth - Taurus vs Bamboo

Taurus and Bamboo serve very similar Singapore Style Hawker Food. I am a regular of Taurus as the food there is cheap and portion is big so its value for money, in this post i will review both!Regulars of Taurus Hawker Food will notice that the 3 energetic sisters are no longer there anymore. I am always amazed at how the 3 sisters can work together so well and they make such a great team. I was a bit disappointed to find out that they have left Taurus. The once familiar faces and food are all different. I found out that they actually just opened a new restaurant right beside Taurus and it is called Bamboo (more on that below, let's focus on Taurus first).

Taurus is a canteen style restaurant that serves Singapore/Malaysian Style Hawker food. It is always packed at night but the service is really fast, and you can choose to share tables with others, so you don't have to wait very long before you eat.
Roast Pork Rice - approx $8.50 generous serving with 3 rows of thick meat.
The sticky sweet sauce that they pour on top reminds me of the charsiew rice in singapore. Their Charsiew rice is good too!
Rating: 3.5/5
Lor Mee - approx $8.50.

It tasted ok, but I've never been a fan of Lormee so my rating might be a bit biased. What's amazing here is the PORTION! The bowl was filled to the brim with noodles, topped with meat, prawns and egg. I spent almost half an hour on this bowl of noodles and I still couldn't finish it. I think the huge portion spoils the taste of the LorMee as the gravy of this noodle is really thick and is best consumed in small servings.

Rating: 2.75/5

Fried Squid - approx $6

very crispy but it was too bland and was almost tasteless.

Rating: 2/5
Got a take away box to pack my leftover lormee and it still fills up the box. The serving is insane! Some people actually order one portion and share their food here.

BAMBOO - Authentic Singaporean Cuisine

Bamboo is a new restaurant which is opened by the previous sisters who owned Taurus. i'm just speculating, details still need to be verified.
instead of canteen style seats, you have individual chairs and tables! personally (i think most people too), i think this is much better than taurus because here you don't have to share tables and seats! The waitress also will come to your table and take your order. In taurus you have to queue up at the counter to order your food.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Approx $9
you won't be able to tell that this is a plate of chicken rice meant for giants from this picture. The portion was so huge i actually exclaimed "WOW" when the waitress placed this dish in front of me. The chicken was soft, tender and cooked just right (i hate chicken with bloody bones). The rice was full of flavour unlike the other chicken rice i've tasted in perth. I still think Singapore's/Malaysia's hainanese chicken rice is the best and it is very difficult to find 'authentic' hainanese chicken rice in perth. Tak Chee in Northbridge sells very authentic chicken rice and i think they can easily beat most chicken rice stall in Singapore! - will go there next time and blog about it.
Rating: 3.5/5

Loh Bak - $6
Loh bak is a roll of marinated mince meat that is deep fried till the skin is crispy and then cut into bite size pieces.
The skin was really crispy and thin and the taste of the meat was not overwhelming. Not bad!

Rating: 3.75/5

Ice Chendol - Approx $3.50
I love ice chendol!!! Red beans, green jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup all mixed together with crushed ice....yummyyyy!

Rating: 4/5

Took away the chicken rice too, and notice how just 3 big pieces of chicken can almost fill up the take away box. I was given around 8 pieces of chicken, this was just 1/4 of my dinner and it was enough for my lunch the next day.

Overall Winner - Bamboo!

Both Taurus and Bamboo sell similar food but bamboo went further by providing a better dining place with tables, individual chairs, ordering at your table whenever you are ready. They also provide individual main dishes instead of the usual hawker 'set' meals. Food tastes slightly better and similar in price with Taurus, so why not dine in comfort if there's not much difference?
this is solely based on my own opinion.

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