Thursday, April 1, 2010

Singapore - J Co vs Donut Factory

Once in a while, Missfattyfoodie will feel like eating donuts, and donut central would be at cityhall with two donut giants located there - J Co and Donut Factory (remember the crazy queues, which fortunately I've never joined before). So why not compare the two of them?

First up, we have J Co donuts which has its own sit down cafe and a wide array of assorted donuts from normal ones like strawberry filling to the more creative ones like banana chocolate filling. It's from indonesia and has since expanded to having a few more outlets around Singapore, eg. Bugis Junction.

Bought two donuts for tea time snacks! $1.30 for an assorted donut.

My favourites! Strawberry cream filling and oreo topping donuts.

The strawberry cream was fluffy and sweet but I did not really like the dough because it was quite bread like and abit tasteless.

Moving on to donut factory, a home grown donut outlet, which use to have queues with waiting time of minimum 1 hour. Thankfully for the customers, there isn't much of a queue these days, though not so lucky for the owners.

Bought the double chocolate kiddy donuts. Coated with white chocolate on the outside and milk chocolate filling on the inside, with curly or straight haired happy faces decor. $1.40 for one.

Chose the straight haired kiddy donut!

I like the filling for this because it because it wasn't chocolate cream but actual chocolate! But still the dough wasn't fantastic (honestly, the best donut dough is still Krispykremes). Normal and bread-like.

One-eyed face left.

Comparing these two, I'd say they are both about the same standard, just a matter of which flavor of donuts you feel like having and which store offers what you want, especially if you want to sit down and chill at Raffles City, J Co has a cafe which you can order coffee to go with your donuts!

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