Sunday, April 4, 2010

Perth - Spice Cafe

Decided to drop by Spice Cafe for a quick lunch in Myaree. This cafe is quite new and is a good place for a casual cheap meal. They serve malaysian/singaporean cuisine and the owner is very friendly.

Teh Tarik
I love teh tarik! It is a rich milk tea with lots of froth at the top.

Nasi Briyani with Chicken
This was really good, the side dishes went really well with the fragrant nasi briyani. The curry was delicious, and the chicken was very tender.

Mee Siam
I havent had mee siam for a few years already, this really brought back childhood memories. This bowl of meesiam was yummy, it had the sweet and sour tangy taste, and tasted just like the ones I had tried in Singapore!

This is a small cafe and it's great for a quick lunch! They serve really good potato/sardine curry puffs as well and I finished it before I could even take a picture of it.

Rating: 4/5
Location: Hulme Court, Myaree


  1. got mei? never saw in thereb4 ... must go one day ah. the briyani looks delicious man

  2. gimmie price im cheap asian

  3. hii i dont remember the price, approximately $10 for mains, very average for asian food pricing in perth. hope this helps.