Saturday, October 31, 2009

MissFattyFoodie's Special - Golden Mushroom and Asparagus Bacon Rolls

Had some leftover slices of pork belly  from korean bbq so missfattyfoodie decided to make two of her favourite dishes in japanese restaurants.
This is really easy to make and it looks nice too, so it is perfect for parties!

All you need are:
 Teriyaki Sauce (the thick kind as I like them sticky)
 Thinly sliced pork belly (available in korean supermarkets)
Enoki/ Golden mushrooms or asparagus.

Follow the instructions below:
Roll some enoki mushroom with a small piece of pork belly slice, then put a skewer through 3 of the rolls.

Place the skewers onto a large pan with just a bit of oil (since the porkbelly itself produces a lot of it) over medium heat. All you need to do now is to brush teriyaki sauce all over it while turning the skewer. Repeat this till it is completely covered with teriyaki sauce!

Tada!!! The end product - yummy and easy to make, Golden Mushroom Bacon Roll. These will be expensive if you order them in a restaurant!

The Bacon Rolls were thickly coated with Teriyaki sauce and make a fantastic appetiser! I am sure your guests will be impressed with this as everyone loves food that is wrapped with more food.

Another Variation:
Asparagus Bacon Rolls

The method is exactly the same as above but I used these 'mini' asparagus (not sure what the actual name is) instead of the mushroom

Crispy Bacon wrapped with crispy asparagus and coated with teriyaki sauce..yummoooo!!

Place them on a bed of rice and pack it in a bento box, so simple!

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