Friday, October 30, 2009

Singapore - Nam Heng Restaurant (南興餐室) Fried Oyster

Felt like eating fried oyster and being in the vicinity, MissFattyFoodie headed down to Nam Heng Restaurant for the famous fried oyster there. This restaurant is located at Kovan, along Simon Road.

If you want to read more about this award-wining fried oyster, click on the link below!

It is an old coffee shop, and the layout reminds me of the KL coffeeshops I've been to.

The stall owner frying the oysters. Check out the number of awards the stall has plastered at the side of the wall.

Previously it used to be the dad who did the cooking, but I guess the son is learning the ropes now and has taken over the wok.

Average waiting time is about 10-15minutes (because not only does every table there have a plate of this, people order this as take away too) and the portions priced at $4/$5/$6

Ordered the $4 portion and although it is a smaller portion compared to other fried oyster stalls, this one makes up for it in quality. The sticky gooey bits were coated in a thick crispy coating (though might have been abit too thick and crispy for my liking) and went really well with the chili.

The chili served with the fried oyster is almost as important as the dish itself, and this place does both pretty well!

Rating: 4/5

Location is at Nam Heng Restaurant, corner of Simon Road and Upper Serangoon Road. Opening hours from 6-10pm

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