Thursday, October 1, 2009

Perth - Luncheon Forum's Crispy Chicken Rice

Luncheon Forum is a mid-sized chinese restaurant. They are famous for their Crispy Chicken Rice.

They sell other food as well but their Crispy Chicken Rice is the best seller! Most people only order that dish. This non-pretentious restaurant has really old and worn out tables and chairs and is more suitable for a quick lunch or takeaways.

Crispy Chicken Rice - $7.50
You can't get this chicken rice anywhere else! The chicken is soft and tender (most probably steamed) but the skin is soo crispy and thin (probably fried). How do they cook it?!

The whole set comes with rice, soup and their homemade chilli sauce. There is cabbage that is underneath the chicken and it is drenched with their flavoursome sauce. The rice is not the usual oily chicken rice, but is like normal rice with a strong chicken stock flavour, very yummy! I love the garlicky sweet and sour chilli sauce, make sure you bring some mints with u after that though!
If this is not enough, you can order the large portion. Most crispy chicken rice out there sells fried chicken which is dry, so you will be surprised by how soft and juicy the chicken sold at this place is.

Rating: 4.25/5
Location: 95A Norma Road, Myaree
Ph: 93171227
They close at around 4.30pm everyday and do no open on Sundays.

**update: Luncheon Forum has been taken over by TenTen kitchen and they still have their famous crispy chicken rice, except it is nicer! Rice has more flavour to it, chicken tastes fresher, restaurant is also newly renovated unlike the old rundown luncheon forum. Plus, they open 7 days till 8pm now!

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