Sunday, October 4, 2009

Singapore - Spice buffet

The family loves eating teo chew porridge so when we came across an advertisement which stated that Hotel Park Royal has a teo chew porridge buffet, we decided to give it a try. The location is right smack in the middle of Little India, which means it's easily accessible! Upon reaching the venue, we realise it's not just teo chew porridge, but they also had a whole array of other types of food as well! But the best surprise was the price. Only $30.80++ per person! So let's see the quality of the food now it was compromised cos of the price.

The restaurant has a nice classy decor in earthy tones. They either have individual rooms with glass partitions along the window or the usual setting around the buffet spread, depending on how many people you're with. Check out the awards! They have accumulated quite a few over the years.

The buffet spread! They have Japanese, Indian and Chinese fare which have already been pre-prepared. The teo chew porridge was kept hot in a cooker, and when eaten with the condiments (pork floss, tofu, veg, meat) tasted really awesome. The satay was marinated well and not overcooked and the prawn tempura was cooked on the spot so it was piping hot and fresh!

Then they have the teppanyaki/tempura/sashimi section where they prepare the food on the spot after you have selected what you want as well as the quantity. They have slabs of steak, pork chops and fish fillets, as well as healthy vegetables like kangkong, beansprout and kailan for selection. Look at how thick the slices of salmon sashimi is! One fat thick flab. Yumms. The yong tau foo soup is also worth a try because it is full of flavor and is already cooked in a pot with the various yong tau foo ingredients. Drink it at the end of a full meal to help digest your food.

The dessert section! They were lacking my favourite chocolate fondue, but the variety was still pretty good. They had both hot and cold desserts as well as pastries for the sweet tooth. I really like the steamed tapioca with coconut milk dessert. That was cooked really well and not many places are able to do it well.

See the happy faces of full and satisfied customers leaving the restaurant! Definitely worth a visit and value for money.

Rating: 4.25/5
Location is at Hotel Park Royal, 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533.

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