Saturday, November 7, 2009

Perth - Kailis Fish Market

Kailis is famous for their seafood. Although Cicerellos is more famous for their Fish and Chips, I prefer Kailis as their restaurant is nicer and they have grilled seafood!

Kailis and its competitor Cicerellos are situated beside each other. I love all the umbrellas and seats around the jetty where people can dine alfresco style.

That is Cicerellos right opposite Kailis. We received our pagers for our orders, and waited for our food. It was a warm day with cool breeze, so it was the perfect weather to sit outside and be surrounded by the weekend crowd and scenery.

We ordered the Fish n Chips, Chilli Mussels and Seafood Chowder.

The beer-battered Fish n Chip came in a huge portion. The fish was crispy and it was so fresh. I think the chilli mussels lacked flavour though as it tasted more like tomato mussels. The seafood chowder was awesome as it was filled with chunky pieces of fish and potatos. (it should be shared as the chowder is very filling)

Garlic Prawns served with Salad and Rice

Like I mentioned above, Kailis' grilled seafood is the reason why I dine here instead of Cicerellos. I think their Fish n Chips taste similar but Kailis is given an edge because of the grilled seafood! The garlic prawns were so succulent and juicy, with a strong taste of garlic. You could taste the freshness of the prawns in your mouth. I will order this again!

Seafood Combo - Fish kebabs, scallops, squid served with salad on the side

This is what I always order when I dine here. The seafood is so fresh it is better to have them grilled than deep fried (healthier option too). It must be the overused grill that gives the seafood a slightly charred look, and the special seasoning they used that made this dish taste so good. This simple dish speaks loudly in flavour as the way they cooked it brings out the natural flavour and freshness of the seafood. The taste is just divine and seafood lovers must order this dish!

Rating: 4/5
Location: 46 Mews Road, Fremantle

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