Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perth - Tra Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant

There are plenty of good vietnamese restaurants in Australia due to the large population of vietnamese who migrated here.
With so many choices, there is one that I would particularly recommend!

Located at the corner of northbridge (perth's chinatown) there is a very popular vietnamese restaurant. It is always full of locals so I think the food must be really authentic.

Variety of sauces that is available at each table. Free piping hot tea will also be served in a flask when you are seated.

Goi Cuon Tom Thit -Rice Paper Roll with Pork and Prawn - $4.60

To me this dish has an acquired taste factor to it. I did not use to like it before and now I absolutely love it! The prawns are big and fresh, the flavours of the herbs inside is also a very good combination. Dip the roll in the sauce provided and let the flavours explode in your mouth

Bun Bo Hue -Pork and Beef Rice Vermicilli in Spicy Soup $10.00

This is one of my favourite noodle soup dishes as i prefer my soup spicy. If you can't take spicy soup then you can just order their plain raw beef/ or beef ball noodles which is still very tasty. The soup is clear and light but the stock is full of flavour. The big plate of vietnamese mint/onions/chilli/bean sprouts and onions was served with the dish. I like to pour it into my noodles. I like how vietnamese food uses lots of fresh herbs and vegetables which makes their food yummy and healthy

Crispy Chicken Noodle (Dry)

This is a delicious bowl of thin eggnoodle (as usual topped with beansprouts, springonions, lettuce and a prawn cracker) and it is served with a plate of crispy chicken (fried vietnamese style). I will usually add chilli sauce or sweet sauce to the noodles. The noodle is so chewy and taste really good with all the sauce mixed into it. The chicken is so crispy even the bones can break due to the high heat used in frying them.

The 3 dishes above are my favourite dishes and I will order them all the time when I am there. I'm not very original when it comes to food as I usually order what I like and rarely order something that i've never tasted before. If you like vietnamese food, you should go to Tra Vinh!

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 149a Brisbane St, Northbridge, Perth

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