Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone, here's wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year and to having a roaring good year ahead in the year of the Tiger! Here are some photos to inject the festive mood into you!

First up, the traditional goodies, one of my favorites being the pineapple tarts. And this year, I ordered a large tub of pineapple tarts from missfattyfoodie perth's mother! I can see where she gets her baking genes from now cos the tarts were really awesome. Crumbly butter crust with pineapple paste that were sweet enough and a handcrafted star pastry to top it off! I was gobbling the tarts down even before I reached home.

A close up of the handmade tarts, which is often a must in every household. Typically good pineapple tarts should have a crumbly buttery pastry, which is either topped off with or used to wrapped around slightly moist pineapple paste which is sweet, so the entire tart will just melt in your mouth. yummy!

Alright the photos below have no relation to the Chinese New Year, but missfattyfoodie perth bought them for me and had them shipped to Singapore cos they are my absolute favourite Easter egg snacks which they don't have in Singapore. How sweet! It's my Chinese New Year gift from her.

Moving on, the traditional chinese goodies, mandarin oranges, decor and tiny mandarin orange potted plants, which will be used to decorate the house during this festive season.

Chinatown lighted up at night and is especially crowded on Chinese New Year's Eve. Braved the crowds to watch some fireworks and get into the mood for the new year's, with the atmosphere getting more intense towards 12am.

After midnight, vendors start slashing their prices to get rid any leftover stock before embracing the new year, and the crowd getting their hands on the good deals.  

Hope you are having a great Chinese New Year with all the celebrations, red packets, visitings and most of all, the delicious food and yummy snacks! (:

written by mff singapore


  1. I saw the Chinese lions dancing in Northbridge last night it was really cool.

    Can you recommend somewhere to buy some nice pineapple tarts and also, I really love mooncake, where is the best place to buy it? Thanks ! :)

  2. unfortunately, i didnt even see any chinese lion dancing! haha I think you can try Emma Seafood in Northbridge (beside moon cafe) and along the same street there are a few asian stores that are not bad. VHT is another good grocery store beside the asian butcher WingHong which sells a lot of fresh and cheap meat! In Myaree you can try YeeSeng (beside the bubble tea store) or Chan Brothers (beside leach highway bunnings). Honestly, those still cant beat homemade ones :(