Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Japan - Tokyo - Last day in Tokyo! Day 4

Hope all of you guys had a good chinese new year with all the good food!

This is my last post on Tokyo, there are more japan photos to come, but I will have to sort them out first. School starts this week so I will be busy. Will try to update as much as possible!
On our last day, we went to Disneyland, it was my first trip to Disneyland. When I was young, I was always sooo jealous when other kids get to go to Disneyland. Now i am a full grown adult and have my own money, I can go to Disneyland TOO!!
It's like stepping into a magical land. I felt like a kid again, my partner was not as excited as me as he had been to every disneyland (except hk). boooo one of the lucky kids...

Food was nice and quite reasonably priced. Do not bother bringing your own food to save a few bucks (i heard a lot of people do that) because it is all about being totally sucked into this disney commercialism and dining in one of their cute restaurants! (you won't regret it)
I spent about aud$20 on this stitch bento which comes with burger, salad, fries and drink. AND i get to keep the bento! - which is with my sister now
The mickey mouse shaped pizza was delicious too.

Then I went to get their churros, I tried their original cinnamon one, and lemon&honey churros. The lemon and honey one was nicer! These sugar coated crunchy sticks tasted really good and is an instant mood booster. Both were very satisfying and were essential after a traumatic space mountain ride which was my first and last roller coaster ride in my entire life.

At night when all the lights were lit, it just felt so magical and majestic. I am looking forward to my next disneyland!
We regretted not staying in the disneyland resort for the night as it would have been so enjoyable. Plus you won't be lost in the crowd when everyone is rushing to get home after the fireworks. *note to future tourists*

Took the nozomi shinkansen back to Osaka - kobe (JR pass was not needed as we didn't travel much). Bought some pastries and japanese milk tea for my journey back

Once we reached Kobe, we went to the Lumanarie ( a lighted walkway + cathedral ) to commemorate the Kobe Earthquake which destroyed a lot of houses. My relatives were very lucky to survive because they showed me photos of their house after the earthquake, and it was a miracle anyone could survive that!
There was also a night market with lots of food stores selling street food beside Luminarie. Crowded as usual with most places in japan but it was magnificent. Reminds us to be grateful with how lucky we are.

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