Saturday, February 20, 2010

MissFattyFoodie's Special- Sukiyaki

One of my favourite Japanese dish is sukiyaki and I have tried it in Perth before, unfortunately it was quite disappointing! My relatives in Japan told me that sukiyaki is something you eat at home, not at a restaurant. They were shocked that sukiyaki chains are very popular in Jakarta.
Anyway, my auntie gave me the recipe for sukiyaki so I can make it in Perth.
I usually buy the bottled sauce for sukiyaki, because I didn't know it is so easy to make the stock yourself!
 (which is available in most asian grocery store)

Ingredients (serves 4):
Fresh egg yolks -to serve as dipping sauce
Panfried Onions
Cooked teriyaki beef slices
Silken Tofu
Cabbage (sliced up)
Spring Onions
Udon or the Konyaku noodles (the clear glass noodle type)
(add anything else that you like)

For the stock:
2 -3 cups of Japanese cooking sake
4 table spoons of brown sugar (or white sugar, doesn't really matter)
3 table spoons of soy sauce
additional water if the sake taste is too strong

So just add the stock to a pot/steamboat, throw in all the ingredients above when the stock is boiling, and enjoy the Sukiyaki!

When the ingredients are cooked, just dip them into the egg yolk as this is the way the japanese eat it. The yolk will coat the tofu/beef/veggies and give it such a nice creamy texture. Rice is a must to go with this dish as the stock is quite sweet and the rice will balance the taste out. Not everyone likes this dish as it is very sweet, but i absolutely love it! If you follow the simple recipe above, you can also make your own sukiyaki at home =)

written by mff perth

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