Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Perth - Australian Day in Fremantle

Australian Day is on 26th January. This marks the anniversary of the arrival of 11 convict ships from Great Britain in Sydney. It is a day widely celebrated by patriotic Australians.

I can feel the joy from these kids, they were having so much fun! Sometimes i wish i'm a kid again.

This was my first time getting icecream from an icecream truck in Australia. I remember in Singapore the icecream man will always be outside acjc and we always buy the icecream wafer from him :)

The lady was so friendly even though the queue was very long but she greeted every kid/icecreamlovingadults with a smile. she even posed for my photo!

We bought the Single Hedgehog (choc + nuts) and Sprinkle Hedgehog (choc + sprinkles)
This was the BEST soft serve i've ever tasted. I love the generous nutty toppings...perfect for a warm summer day.

Then we went to the beach to wait for the fireworks. I didnt watch the skyworks because it will be really crowded. So we made do with the smaller fireworks in Fremantle.

The fireworks were fantastic! I am always amazed by them and we are so lucky in australia as there are a lot of events with fireworks. This was a nice day to celebrate Australian Day and despite a lot of warnings, it was quiet and safe for us. We didn't meet any drunks and the security was really tight. I am looking forward to the next one!

note: photos are taken from my photography website


  1. Cool way of celebrating the Australian Day!

    Yummy ice cream and fantastic fireworks.. :D

  2. thank you, i want to get those icecream someday again