Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perth - EnEx 100 Food Court

I have written about EnEx 100 Food Court before but I think that it is one of the best place for food in the city. It is never crowded (unlike most places in the city), it is clean, new, modern and the food is affordable.

First dish from Maya Masala which sells affordable indian food at a fraction of the price of most indian restaurants in perth.

Garlic Naan - $3.50
Selection of 2 curry and rice - approx $10
The staff asked us whether we want to wait 5 minutes for their fresh garlic naan, of course we agreed to wait for hot naan fresh out of the oven!

Rating: 4/5

I went to Hi Thai to try their Pad Thai.
Approx $11.50
The pad thai looks really delicious, they were also very generous with their seafood and other ingredients. However, it was a bit too bland for me. I think this dish will be much better if there was slightly more salt/soy sauce added.

Rating: 3/5

Although the pad thai was disappointing, I still enjoy being away from the crowd and having a quick meal in the spacious food court. It is also a good place for a break from shopping.

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