Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bali - Ubud Babi Guling Ibu Oka

More Bali pictures! I want to clear all my Bali posts and there are too many pictures to share.

The day started off with a trip to Ubud Market - where you get most of your local crafts/touristy souvenirs. After shopping, we went for lunch at one of the most famous restaurants in Bali for Babi Guling below.

The entrance of Ubud Market

They sell all sorts of weird and interesting stuff

One of the famous restaurant in Ubud is Babi Guling Ibu Oka. This restaurant is just beside the Ubud Market and opposite the Ubud Palace so you can visit these 3 places in one day which are all within walking distance of 2 min.
It is obvious that their specialty is Babi Guling - which is translated to "rolled pig".

Babi Guling is a very famous Balinese dish. It may seem puzzling why a pork dish can be so popular in Indonesia. It must be remembered that although Islam is the main religion in Indonesia, most Balinese are actually Hindus.

Babi Guling is a widely celebrated dish that was eaten on special occasions. Now, it is easily available at small eateries or 'warungs' around Bali and even some touristy places. It is one of the must try dishes in Bali!

everytime i go to indonesia, i will order TehBotoh (they are also available in some asian stores in Perth), it is a slightly sweetened ice tea. i loveee it

Babi Guling is like a sort of Roast Pork where the skin is really crispy and the meat is succulent and juicy. The dish was also served with a side of vegetables and some fried thingie at the side (you don't want to know what it is, so leave it alone and dont eat it like what i did lol)
just look at the thick crispy pork skin!

The pork was amazingly succulent and the crust of the roast pork was very crispy. The restaurant was really packed with people, both locals and tourists. Prices were reasonable too around $5 a plate. There were dogs walking underneath the tables begging for food, the staff actually welcome the dogs and feed them. have a look here for some pictures of the dogs.
Although this may make others feel uncomfortable, i felt it was just part of Bali's gracious culture, where these dogs were fed and not chased away by the owners. The people welcomed the dogs like they are members of the staff :) 

Coming to this restaurant not only let me experience the famous Babi Guling, I also enjoyed the atmosphere and culture of the Balinese people. Strongly recommended place for pork lovers and people who want to try something different!

Location: all taxi drivers will know where is Babi Guling Ibu Oka, just beside the Ubud Market


  1. Wow! Wonderful photos and great recipe! I hope to take your advice and try all the wonderful food when I'm in bali.


  2. hi jerome, thank you for your kind comment. Good luck on all the food hunting in Bali, there is never enough time! I still need to go back to complete the list of restaurants that i have yet to try. Thanks for reading the blog.