Friday, April 30, 2010

Perth - Jus Burger

Caught a really bad case of flu and I took a day off work yesterday. I was sooo bored at home all i did was take vitamin c and slept through out the day - which worked because i am feeling much better now! I dont believe in panadols as they just make you feel better, but doesnt cure the root of the problem - yea im traditional like that, but i do take them if i have no choice!

Anyway, I was talking to my colleague abt food (turns out shes a foodie too!) and she told me good things about Jus Burger. My partner wanted to try it too so he bought takeaway to cheer me up! yea i know its not the kind of food a sick person will eat, but this was no ordinary burger....

I walked past this burger joint once in Subiaco and it was crowded with people who all looked really happy. Will go there one day and i will update this blog with more pictures
When my partner brought back the brown paper bag packed with burgers, onion rings and fries, i instantly forgot about my illness. I love it when he buys takeaway for me (very rare but I love it!! its like in the ancient times where the man will bring their 'catch' home to their woman. haha his catch of the day was Jus Burgers)

I ordered the Original Chicken Burger (marinated in garlic, herbs and oil) - $12, all burgers are served with fresh lettuce, tomato, spanish onion, relish and house made aioli.
On the menu, they stated that All Jus Chicken is 100% Mount Barker free range chicken breast, hormone free and chargrilled. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the burger! True to their words, the burger was really fresh. The meat, vegetable, dressing and bread tasted heavenly. It was one of the best burger i've ever had. They have also won numerous awards for Favourite Burger.

My partner's Wagyu Beef - 100% Ningaloo Wagyu beef with wasabi mayo - $14
Their Wagyu is 100% WA Wagyu beef, hormone free and chargrilled.
Jus Burgers also proudly embraces the 'buy west eat best' program supporting the suppliers and producers of WA. They also claim that NO FROZEN FOOD allowed, so you can be assured that they only use the freshest ingredients. Their bread is Turkish Bread from the Turkish Bakery which is so soft and fluffy, with lots of flavour. I love Turkish bread! My partner also enjoyed his delicious burger.
Their burgers are really big, and I had it over 2 meals, good value for money too.

Onion Rings (gigantic!) with aioli - $5
These were lightly battered onion rings that was well seasoned and crispy. Tasted very fresh and natural too.

Chips (Fresh skin on Royal blue potatoes, never frozen) this chips came with the meal deal, we added $5 with any burger, and we get to choose chips or salad, green tomato pickle & slaw. The Slaw was YUMMOOO. Even their chips were good! Overall, it was a really satisfying meal. Plus, having a trustworthy burger joint in Perth is perfect for a fun and casual meal! Food is the best medicine for a foodie like me

Location: Leederville, 743 Newcastle St 92282230
Subiaco, 1 Rokeby Road, 93811895

Rating: 4.5/5

Trading Hours: 
Tues to Saturday : 11.30am - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 9pm
Closed on Mondays.

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  1. hi...

    i accidentally found your blog,,andd i loveee it !!!!! i love food.. and u shud try V burget at victoria park .. their blue mushy is really good .. :)

    hope u enjoy it..

  2. blue mushy? =what a cool name! thanks for dropping by, i will try out their burger one day. feel free to give me any recommendations haha :)