Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bento Lunch!

I have been so busy these few days, with so many assignments, exams coming up, airtickets, went to physio to find out that i have slipped disc, overweight dogs that are in need of urgent personal training by ME, new plants that i am trying to grow and not kill this time, work and blogging! 
i shall just post a lazy post ok? photos are not even edited and taken just 5 minutes ago. Need to go catch iron man 2 YAY!

recently, although i am very busy with a broken back, i am in such good mood. when i am in a good mood, then i will cook! have been using my bentos that i bought from japan, these were so fun to use, definitely makes me happy whenever i open them and have my lunch.

this is not japanese style food,  i just used whatever's left over in my fridge to make this. my partner doesn't know what's in his bento yet, so if he reads this post before lunch tomorrow he will know.

spinach, rocket, tomato and cucumber salad. with grilled chicken + nando sauce. and kombu - marinated japanese seaweed. --> anything goes! anyhow whack

spot my overweight white dog in the back. 
and look at the louis vuitton ribbon on that bento, this is one exquisite lunch indeed 

can't wait for lunch tomorrow!
hope all of you will enjoy your lunch with me too. :)


  1. aiyo, how did you get slipped disc? better take it seriously & treat it. take care!

  2. thanks dear. i've always had a bad back, then gehkiang go cycle for 12km. worsened my condition, but the physio said it is a mild case, so hopefully the disc will go back after stretches and tlc from mark. haha
    her reason for my back was: weak core strength