Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bali - Seafood at Jimbaran Bay

One of the most memorable nights in Bali was having a seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran Bay is a beautiful beach that is lined with lots of seafood restaurant, they are highly competitive so there is not much difference pricing and quality wise (that was what i heard). We randomly chose a restaurant and we had a good time while indulging in fresh seafood.

Across our table, there was a stall selling steamed corn. I was eyeing it the whole time i was there, but I was too full to try it! I will make sure i eat it next time i am there. Before I went to Bali, i heard so much about the corn with different sauces, and i really wanted to try it. I was so disappointed :(
but there will be a next time

Look at the long stretch of restaurants at Jimbaran Bay. The tables and chairs are actually on the sand and your chair can sink into the sand after all the seafood in your tummy! The feeling was surreal, your feet is on the sandy beach, and the waves are crashing right before your eyes. There were live shows and music (with a band going to eat table playing requests, remember to tip!). There were even fireworks at the background. These restaurants really go all out to impress their customers and i'm sure they have succeeded. 
If you are in Bali, please go to Jimbaran Bay for dinner (dont go too late if not you will miss all the shows/fireworks). It was this moment that i realised, i am on paradise island, having local seafood on the beach!  That night, the seabreeze was cooling which was much needed in the humid and hot weather.

If I recall correctly this was what we ordered:
600 g of calamari
2kg of crabs (half in black pepper sauce, half in balianese sauce)
1kg of fish 
1kg of king prawns (BIGGEST PRAWNS EVER)

The choice of sauces were very limited, but this is understandable as it was the freshness of the seafood that is the most important. These fresh local catch were really fresh, the way it is cooked was simple but yummy. The use of lime, chilli, kecap manis (sweet sauce)  and various herbs and spices was a heavenly combination to bring out the freshness of the seafood.

Let's dig in!!
Pardon the lousy photos,  i only had 5 seconds to take the photos before we started attacking the food like vultures. hahaha My fingers were also covered with sauce so I couldn't take more photos.

I don't remember the name of the restaurant we went to. They are all the same to me. We went to the one right at the end. Doesnt matter, just go and pick one they are all situated side by side! Go right after sunset to catch all the shows. I heard that some of them even provide transport so get your hotel/villa concierge to arrange it for you. It was such a pity that we did not have time to go back there for dinner again. 

Please don't miss a dinner at Jimbaran Bay if you are in Bali. For me, this is a definite MUST DO!
Pricing is approx aud$20-50 per person to fill your tummy with delicious seafood.

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