Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Armando Pasta Recipe

One simple pasta recipe that was introduced by the famous Armando himself on the food channel. 
It is so easy to make, yet creamy and delish!

make sure your egg yolk is RUNNY and not like mine, it was overcooked. bleah.

From memory

What your need (to serve two):

a bit of bacon and mushroom
minced garlic
one egg each
1/2 cup of cream

fry the garlic with bacon and add the mushroom last.
pour in the cream and as soon as it thickens slightly, turn off the stove
fry an egg with runny yolk - do not overcook
Strain pasta, and mix it with the sauce
add salt to taste
Top it off with the egg, cut the egg and mix the yolk throughout the pasta
sprinkle parmesan on top

do you like my super simplified recipe? hahaha that was all, so easy anyone can make it! very yummy too.


  1. since i'm here, i might as well leave a comment.


    and OMG! creamy pasta i like!! looks good!

  2. maybe for pot luck i can bring my famous zh nara? HAHAHA high tea time babe!

  3. i loveeeee creamy pasta! my favourite! yummmms