Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make your own Harajuku Crepe

You know when you are just having the television on at the background so the house will not seem so quiet? I was having one of those day, when suddenly this cute chef on the tv was making crepes! Thank god my foxtel iq allows me to rewind the channel so I could write down the recipe (it's so easy you won't believe it, scroll down to see)

The BEST crepe i've ever had in my life was in this really famous Harajuku crepe shop. (angel hearts or something)
I had the one with half baked cheesecake, whipped cream, strawberry and strawberry sauce. This was wrapped with a freshly made, warm and spongy yet thin crepe.


ok so i tried to make one too following the recipe i've just written down. i mixed the milk, 2 eggs, caster sugar and plain flour all together, hand whipped it till there is consistency.

slice some bananas

watch out for dogs walking around the kitchen, trying to trip you whenever you cook

going to make nutella and banana crepe since i have those ingredients at home, and i have never tried this flavour before (shame on me)

luckily the ingredients were cheap, because the first crepe turned out like this:
this is not good....

second crepe: much better. it was really so fun making this, laughed so hard the whole night because we had zero skills. it was really not easy flipping the thin and soft crepe, so we actually used our fingers to flip the crepe :P be careful not to burn yourself, very dangerous way of cooking but it was worth it -- do it on your own risk yea?

lie it gently onto a plate, spread nutella slowly if not the crepe will break (i obviously learnt this from mistake), place the bananas and spray the whipped cream

nom nom nom. midnight snack all in my belly 

dont throw away the broken crepes because you can practice flipping with them. the chef on the tv just flipped it over with no effort, i cannot do ittttttttttttttttt :(

the crepe has lost its decent round shape mid air - fail!

I clinged wrap the left over and made savoury crepe the next morning. added cheese and ham

cheap and simple. very delicious and it was so fun making it, because crepe is one of those 'good mood' food to reward your taste buds. 
go try it! this crepe is soft and spongey, very similar to the harajuku one. the ones i try in australia are quite dry, and it not very spongey, so i am really pleased with this one  
use a non-stick pan, i actually use a $5 pan from ikea, which ive used for a few years, and replaced it again because it is so cheap, and the size is just right to make something small. i will try to master flipping the crepe in the air next time

Ingredients (enough to make 6 crepes):
1 cup milk
2 eggs
2tbspoon caster sugar
2tbs cocoa (optional if you want chocolate crepe i did not add this)
1/2 cup plain flour

just whisk everything together until smooth
heat up a nonstick pan with a bit of oil (medium heat)
then pour a thin layer of batter onto the pan
turn the crepe over when the batter is ready 

add any topping you like!

some suggestions off the top of my head :
cream cheese, salmon, spinach
cheese, periperi chicken, lettuce

chocolate cream, cherries and whipped cream
strawberry and cream like the harajuku style
whipped cream, kiwi fruit and honey


  1. i want the banana and nutella crepe!! make for meeee!!!

  2. do ikea still sells the pan

  3. the last time i was in ikea i could still find the pan. costs about $5 only