Friday, June 11, 2010

CNR James + Lake

Short note: Dear readers, i apologise as i have not updated this blog as frequent as before as I was busy with my exams. I just finished my FINAL exam paper in my LLB and my 5.5years of university is finally over. WOOHOO!! However, I will be going to Singapore for a one month internship. Don't worry I still have a lot of perth posts that I have backlogged and i will still continue posting on this blog. I will also share my food adventures in singapore with all of you while I am there! So don't think i've neglected this blog because there are no frequent posts. =) take care everybody and stay warm this winter. 

I decided to check out this funky and modern looking cafe in Northbridge one morning before work.

Haven't been to Northbridge for quite a while but this was my usual dinner hangout when i was in high school. Northbridge has changed quite a bit! This area where the cafe is, is newly developed and looks spectacular. Perth's chinatown really needs more developments like that, it looks so neglected and abandoned. There is a large tv screen too for morning news (which no one was watching or nobody cares) and i heard it will display all the world cup matches! I think there is a potential that northbridge is going to be a hip place and people will discover the beauty of it! -- i think it may even be happening now.

This cafe looks beautiful and spacious from the outside, and inside it gives a very casual feeling with modern architecture. Magazines and newspapers were provided and there is also a big alfresco area for coffeelovers to sit and people-watch
can you see the menu on the board? 

Once we stepped into the cafe (it was still empty as it was really early) we were greeted by a warm welcome, the owner (i presume) said "good morning", what a friendly dude, great start to the day! 

My Latte (Five Senses Coffee)
Heart-shaped pattern on the froth - this is what i need every morning so i will not be so grumpy at work. LOL Anyway, they use Five Senses Coffee ( i was shrieking with joy when i found out because i didnt know they serve that until i saw their menu). I was also watching the barista during the coffee making process (it was very obvious he takes pride in making coffee and everything was really detailed). He poured the five sense coffee beans into the machine (freshly grind beans in your cup every time!) and the milk is good quality too as i used to work in iga, im pretty sure! not the usual milk we buy at home. Then he proceed to make the coffee presentable and plays with the design on the froth. This is definitely a GREAT place for coffee and it was velvety smooth and is of perfect temperature. While we were having breakfast, a few regulars came to take away coffee, obviously with the good service and coffee, this place is a hit. Can't believe i didn't find out about this place sooner.

Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate was rich and delicious, perfect drink for the cold windy morning

Mushrooms and Bacon on ciabatta bread with fetta on top $15.50
The serving was really generous in this cafe. The mushrooms were big and fresh and was a good combination with the fetta

Eggs Benedict $14.50
One of our must-order breakfast favourites is eggs benedict. The hollandaise sauce was served at the side for this one, and the toast was crispy and fresh out of the oven.

The Sink - $19
Free range eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, sausage, potato gratin on sourdough toast 
My friend's over which is the 'big breakfast' kinda dish where you just want everything onto your plate. haha the serving was really generous, looks much bigger in real life.

This is such a good place for coffee and breakfast. Their coffee was amazing and the staff were attentive and cheerful, it was a cafe bursting with positive energy. Perfect place to start your day :)
I can't wait to go back for my next cup of coffee.

Location: 44 Lake Street, Northbridge (opposite time zone)

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. had a long mac this morning in CNR, must be the best coffee in the town. will go back again*0*

  2. yes omg the coffee is so awesome! cant wait to go back and have another cup - mff