Monday, June 28, 2010

Gucce in Applecross

hello is anyone still reading this blog?

yes i am in the middle of my internship and the longer working hours, hustling bustling of a big city is taking a toll on me. i have no time to blog, shop, hang out etc.

but i found some time today and i dont have to bring work home (who the hell ots during internship!?!) so i can blog! i've totally forgot what i've eaten but i remember the taste!

went to gucce at applecross
(need to cut the long story short as it is a rat race again tomorrow!)

Red Ferrari - $14
what a refreshing and fruity cocktail. i don't drink much but i really like the taste of this, could easily finish it

Martini - $14
oooo im starting to love martinis too!

Tasting Plate
this was alright, the combination was good, food was fresh, nothing spectacular though.

Garlic Pizza
the base was handmade, it was so fluffy and light, and the garlic seasoning was just nice, not overwhelming. please order this!!

their pizzas are awesome

this was some seafood pasta, it was good too. tossed with olive oil and garlic, with heaps of fresh seafood.

I enjoed the dessert too!
what a wonderful meal and good for people living in south of the river, plenty of free parking too.

Rating: 4.5/5

36 Ardross St

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