Friday, June 4, 2010

Fremantle - Soho Burger

I have walked past Soho Burger a couple of times in Fremantle and I decided to give it a try! The interior is very modern and inviting. Cut the long story short, my main aim was to try their burgers which are the restaurant's specialty.

Bowl of chips with homemade tomato ketchup $7
Ordered chips to go with the burgers. The serving was so generous we could not finish it. I have not tried chips that taste like that, they are apparently double fried, but it doesnt taste oily at all. In fact they are crispy, a bit dry and crumbly, tastes like it has been air fried or something. Not bad!

Beef and Reef
Beef pattie, crispy bacon, fresh grilled pineapple and garlic mayonnaise - $15.50
The burger was nicely presented with a skewer to hold it together, and a row of grilled prawns on the top. It looked very appealing, and my partner liked the beef pattie which was a bit mushy for me. The bread was warm and fresh too.

Chicken Shroomer
grilled chicken breast, big mushroom, caramelised onion and homemade coleslaw - $16.90
This was my order, the coleslaw was supposed to be IN the burger and it was nice! The chicken was a bit dry though but the combination of fresh ingredients was delicious! 

Looks like the burgers in this place are more towards the 'gourmet' and healthier side instead of the fatty over-the-top burgers that I was expecting (and looking forward too). It was a pleasant meal, the restaurant was beautiful and the service was great. There was an open kitchen too where you can see the chefs in action.
It is a nice place to dine in too with a wide selection of alcohol and other drinks.

Rating: 3.5/5

Opening hours: mon - sun 11.30 am - 9pm
Location: 16 South Terrace, Fremantle (beside timezone)

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  1. solo burger sounds interesting but they look abit tiny. looks tasty!

  2. I don't eat burgers but that's one cool looking interior!

  3. hello taz, yea the burgers are average i think. nice place though maybe can try other items on the menu. thanks for your comment