Wednesday, July 28, 2010

High Tea at Peninsula Tea Gardens

Think about having afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches and homemade scones at a converted old farm house, tucked away from the city with beautiful views. I have found the perfect place for this and it is Peninsula Tea Gardens.

Walking through the nature

The trail led us to a beautiful restaurant/cafe overlooking the peaceful and serene river. With white furnitures, champagne glasses, cute children running around the garden, it was such a beautiful sight.

I have already reserved a table before hand and the staff was already waiting for us. He was really polite and brought us to our table.

 victorian style, soooo beautiful and the ambience was relaxed

Parisian Afternoon Tea

Lots of groups of ladies chatting over their afternoon tea set, over their 3 tiered trays of goodness. This is the perfect place for a girl's day out! (although my partner and I enjoyed it a lot too)
This was what we ordered for $39 per person. It was such a filling and satisfying meal. Perfect sandwiches, moist and warm scones, and gorgeous cakes!

Our afternoon tea also comes with free flow of tea. My partner has Earl Grey and I had Buddha's Tears (white tea)

The white tea was just so FRAGRANT and it goes perfectly with a bit of sugar. I strongly recommend this tea for tea lovers.
The table setting was immaculate as well. Beautiful teapots and teacups. Felt so pampered :)

Reservations are strongly recommended for weekends, high tea at $38 per person, mid-week for $33 per person.

I will definitely go back to this place again, strongly recommended for a romantic day out, girls day out, or just to have some tea and cakes!

Click on this link for their menu:

Location: Tranby Farm, Johnson Road, Maylands
Rating: 4.5/5
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  1. Great to hear a good review.
    Majority of the reviews on Urbanspoon are terrible!

  2. yea i saw all the bad reviews too and i went with very low expectations, but it was not too bad. the place was beautiful!! thanks for your comment :)

  3. hihi~ Buaya Jess crawls *Hungrily* over ur blog~ So many food here *Salive Dripping*!!

  4. hello! thank you for drooling. hahaha love your comment!

  5. Good luck trying to book a table !! I've been trying for over a week, have left messages on the sometimes working answer phone and have sent them an email over their website. Think i might just give up and go somewhere else.

  6. Are you related to the owner? I could only recommend they take lessons in customer serve, food presentation and a course in what makes up high tea. The photo's you show aren't what is currently being served.

  7. wow... i am not related to any of the restaurants i go to, i wrote what i experienced that day and it was a good exp for me. i do see an increase number of negative comments about this restaurant now, not sure what happened but i am not keen on going back anymore!

  8. It seems someone keep making rumors~
    Your blog is positive to the tea room, but the edit of urban just make you doesnt like it...
    so many mixture reviews there...

  9. It seems someone keep making rumors...
    Your blog is positive to the tea room but the edit just make doesnt like it...
    so many mixture reviews..
    but fortunately i got a very lovely afternoon there with my best friends