Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time for a Taco

my apologies for the lack of posts, there are so many posts backdated and i actually forgot what i ate. so i will delete all the backdated posts and start from scratch!
my aunt and cousin came to visit for the last 3 weeks hence i've been bringing them around, and no time to blog. have to be working hard and applying for a full time job soon too!

Made tacos - one of my favourite food of all times. I think it is quite healthy don't know why people think tacos are fattening. Depends on the ingredients you use i guess! 
Step-by Step instructions
Chop some red onion, the more the better because it adds flavour to your food and it boosts your immune system! trick is wearing your sunnies when you chop onions so you wont tear. haha

marinate some LEAN beef mince with salt pepper, seasoning, ketchup (self made marinate). been in love with these pyrex glass bowls, stainless, and healthier to microwave your food in. convert your tupperwares to pyrex now!

chop up lots of fresh tomato and lettuce
cook the mince meat (add tomato sauce/ketchup) and stuff the tacos with all the other fresh ingredients

used the left over meat to make spring rolls with this thin pastry, this is the best type of pastry for spring rolls!

looks freaking ugly but tastes good! half samosa and half spring roll mutants

most posts coming up!


  1. how long did u marinate ure mince beef

  2. hello, minimum 30min, max 1 day. as long as possible for more taste! throw in all the spices and seasoning you've got