Friday, January 21, 2011

Los Angeles - In N Out Burger

The first few days of my USA trip were spent in LA. I really enjoyed the cosmopolitan city

We drove around this suburb where the locals call it "candy lane" as most residents there will decorate their house with christmas lights. Some houses were just extreme and over the top, can't believe it's just someone's house

The first dinner we had in LA was the legendary In N Out burger. Almost everyone who went to USA or studied there told me to try this burger. 

The burgers were really good! Not much difference than ordinary burgers when i took the first bite, but when i took the second bite...I realised the bun was softer, meat patty was AWESOME, vegetables inside was crisp and fresh
this is a must try when you go to USA
so sad that i didnt have the chance to eat it again

be sure to try it!

a walk in the grocery store

99cents ben and jerrys icecream, what a bargain!

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