Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waikika Moo Cow

My partner and i were craving for a cup of soft serve frozen yoghurt on a hot saturday afternoon, and we googled using our very smart phones where is the nearest to us as we were in city, and waikika moo cow came up!

Best way to refresh yourself is frozen yoghurt!

This is conveniently located in Hay Street Mall, the link between Myers and Hay St.

We walked straight up and one of the female staff was so nice to patiently explained to us what they have on their menu. We already saw what we want, 'free flow' frozen yoghurt. Just grab a cup and push the handle down, add toppings, weigh it and pay!

The frozen yoghurt was so good i didnt manage to take a picture. This is what it will look like if you put it in the cone.

It is like soft serve ice cream but tastes a bit sour, making it more 'yoghurt' like. Madzoon's frozen yoghurt tastes more like icecream than yoghurt to me. I actually like both a lot!

Will definitely go back to waikika.

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