Monday, March 28, 2011

Sydney - Ton Ton Ramen

Ramen is one of my favourite dish. Having tried a bowl of ramen in kobe that was so heavenly, i've become really picky when it comes to the ramen they serve in Australia. 

Before I went to Sydney, i did a research online about the best food sydney has to offer, just like any gluttony foodie will do. Forget sightseeing, food is the most important. haha

There were a lot of good reviews of Ton ton ramen online, same as Gumshara Ramen (unfortunately i didn't have time to try that). So we went to the CBD area and walked to tonton, it was so conveniently located, right in the middle of the hustle bustle of city

Ordered the Tonton ramen with extra char siu (grilled pork)

The ramen came in a very generous serving. The char siue was thinly sliced, tasty and soft! Broth was very creamy and tasty. Noodles were towards the chewy kind rather than the soft kind. It was good and we went back twice!

Just beside ton ton ramen there is a small japanese cafe with really nice looking cakes. So we bought a strawberry shortcake. I love asian cakes because the sponge cake is ultra light and fluffy. Go try a sponge cake from an asian cake shop or a japanese cake shop… these are my favourite kind of cakes!

my friend had a matcha latte which looked too beautiful, didnt have a taste but it sure looks good 

Tonton Ramen is located at

501 George Street


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  1. Gorgeous latte! Ton Ton is one of my faves for a quick ramen feed in the city ;)

  2. i know! im back in perth now, really missed tonton.

    xoxo missfattyfoodie