Monday, April 11, 2011

America Diner - IHop

One of my 'must-try' in America is an American Diner, preferably with waitress in rollerblades. Unfortunately you can only find that in american movies.
my partner's auntie brought us to IHOP which is a diner and serves diner food. yay!

heart stopping 1000+ calories breakfast, bring it on!

When i asked for coffee with my breakfast, they gave me a big flask filled of it! :) 

My calories filled breakfast of hashbrown, bacon, eggs, ham, sausage with a side of pancakes and a flask of coffee. Before this i was on a strict 1200 calories a day diet, so i guess thats all down the drain.

it was really yummy but made me feel a bit guilty after eating… 

buttery fluffy pancakes, YUMMY.

there were a lot of different flavoured maple syrup to go with the pancakes.

This was an amazing experience and i was really happy to have eaten at an all american diner

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