Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deco Restaurant at Raffles Hotel

My partner was given a $250 dining voucher at Deco Restaurant (at raffles hotel) in Canning Bridge, sometimes when the days are looking grim, free things are given to people lol. we happily invited two of our close friends to join us too 

the bar is very big and classy, it was crowded even though it was a cold rainy night, and that doesnt stop the girls from wearing their super short dresses
maybe it is very cosy inside the bar :P

the blistering cold did not stop the smokers from sitting at the outdoor area, im surprised there is such a huge area for smokers, because most of the cafes/bars here only designate a small area… so this is a good place to note for people who enjoy puffing away 
i think the alfresco area will be beautiful in the warmer days

the restaurant was quite empty as it was a sunday night, very classy with a big aquarium near the entrance.
the kitchen is also open so you can view the chefs preparing your food

lots of bottles of wines lined up the wall of the restaurant. they do know their wine/beer, i come to this conclusion due to their massive wine menu. The waitress were very attentive that day without being over intrusive, our glass was never empty and they were always happy to answer our questions.
this was a big bonus to the very enjoyable night

Beef Fillet (250 gm)
char grilled, served with a mushroom & parmesan polenta, sun dried tomato butter & balsamic jus

both beef were cooked to perfection and very tender. i love the rich concentrated sauce that were very well with the meat

Cape Grim Scotch Fillet (350 gm)
char grilled, served with a garlic, caper herb butter, asparagus and a shiraz jus

Special of the day: Cod Fish

my friend said the fish was delicious too

Double Roasted Duck
slow roasted in a rich thai red curry sauce, with lychees, tamarind, lemongrass, fried shallot & coconut rice

foodie no. 2 said the duck was very good and one of the best he's tried

Chocolate Fondant
this was quite average even thought presentation was really nice. nonetheless it still tasted good.

Lemon Lime Tart
this was the tart that we all did not have enough of, the taste was just perfect. i wish we each ordered one!!

very nice and romantic place to dine. the bar is separated from the restaurant and the place is classy and not rowdy at all. i loved it so much i will come back again even though there are no vouchers the next time!! the food is quite affordable too, not too pricey for its standard and ambience of the restaurant.

67-71 Canning Beach Road
Applecross, Western Australia

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