Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Must Wine Bar - Margaret River

First time I've bought the Entertainment Book and it is such a great buy! There are so many nice restaurants and cafes that I did not know about under I found them in the book. It is quite worthwhile for foodies who dine out often, I've saved quite a bit. It is always fun and good to surprise people that you have a 'buy one get one free' mains or 25% off the total meal.

Anyway, Must Wine Bar was a restaurant introduced by my friend, but also happens to be in the Entertainment book. I've heard really good reviews about it, the steak was really good (supposed to be famous too). I also tried their angel hair blue manna crab pasta which had a generous serving of fresh crab. The taste was light and refreshing.
Totally worth the long drive from Bunker Bar to Margaret River just to get dinner (due to bad planning)
They also have a branch in Highgate which is just 10 minutes from Perth.

Time for some photos

Bought my partner's birthday cake from Jean Pierre Sancho which is located in Shafto Lane Perth CBD. I ordered the Luxury Strawberry Cake, and it was indeed really luxurious! creamy but light strawberry mousse, with fluffy sponge and fresh strawberries. 

(ignore the writing, it is actually a very affectionate nickname that i call him :p)

Must wine bar

Service was very prompt, once we were seated the fresh bread came shortly after.
had a glass of champagne for the night 

Blue Manna Crab Angel Hair Pasta

Angus Rib-eye

I think this was the Creme Brulee with Coconut, it was so delicious

we really enjoyed our evening, it was a nice dinner.


reservations are strongly recommended, it was so packed that night, and I heard it is a very popular restaurant.

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  1. the food and cake looks so awesome! did you manage to finish everything? get ready for food trail 2!