Monday, October 17, 2011

Nespresso Citiz

This is a very back dated post that I have left in the 'draft' section.

a few months ago we have accumulated enough credit card points to get a free Nespresso Citiz! I am so happy there is a reward for spending :)

This small machine changed my life the way i make coffee (i have not made myself a cup of instant coffee since….)

everyday i will have a cup of nespresso coffee, it costs around 60-70 cents for a pod. some say ground coffee is cheaper, yes definitely, but this is cheaper than buying coffee from the cafe almost everyday which was what I used to do. DIY homemade coffee cannot be compared to barista made coffee.. but this really did change my life.

every morning i see other office workers buy their $3-5 cup of coffee, my colleagues will ask me if I want a cup, i will politely decline because i've already had my wonderful coffee!
and i only made it in 1 minute.

If you are unsure how it works or how it tastes, go to myer in perth city. That is the only nespresso store in Perth which sells the coffee pods, and you get to taste the coffee for free. The staff there are very friendly as well! 
After one try and i was sold. My citiz came with the milk aerochinno (automatic frother) that froth the milk in a minute or so, so convenient!

some of our creations

four layered latte

just my usual skinny latte

the good thing is the machine is inexpensive, and the pods are very reasonably priced as well, cheaper than going out to buy coffee. but unless you have the patience to clean up and make coffee with ground coffee beans, this is a good way to go for busy people but wants a good cup of coffee


  1. i agree - i have the same machine and i love it! i used to have a machine where you needed to use the grounds and while it was great, it was a bit involved and messy in the morning given the size of our kitchen.

    have you seen the reusable pods you can get? you put your own ground coffee in there! each one can be used 10 times or something.

  2. thanks for your comment jaxstar! i also had a machine for ground coffee but too much trouble so i didnt use it. will check out the reusable pods :)

  3. yay you can make professional coffee for me when i visit you! can't wait!