Monday, March 15, 2010

Perth - Cioccolato

Since school has started, I had some spare time in between lectures to catch up with friends (which then made me skip my lectures because I was having too much fun!)
Same thing happened this day. I was supposed to meet my friend for a quick cup of coffee before my lecture, but I ended up spending half the day with her. She introduced me to Cioccolato which is well-known among coffee lovers.

The cafe is situated in Applecross, Ardross street where there are a few cafes lined up beside each other. I did my research on this place before I went (dedicated food blogger, no?) and some people claimed that they serve the best coffee! To an avid coffee-lover/addict, this was music to my ears.

My usual choice of coffee - latte, and a carrot and walnut cake.
The latte came in a tall glass (i ordered the large one) and the taste was different to other lattes. It is difficult to describe but there is a stronger coffee taste to it, yet it is subtle and not overwhelming. The cakes all look homemade, and there are a lot of gluten-free and organic choices. The Carrot and Walnut cake was moist and fresh. It went perfectly with the latte.

Wildberry Tart
This was my friend's order, and I quote "you've got to try this, it is seriously good!" Again, the homemade tart tasted really fresh, and you could tell that they used good quality ingredients for their products. The tart was rich in flavour but not too sweet, it was delish.

I would recommend this place for coffee and cakes. I don't think they open for dinner, so please call to confirm! You can even bring your pets if you sit outside.

Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 31 Ardross St
Applecross WA 6153
(08) 9364 2284

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  1. They open at 7am and they usually close between 4pm and 5.30pm but on Sundays they close at around 1pm.