Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perth - Satsuki

It is well-known among Japanese food-lovers that Perth has very limited restaurants that serve good Japanese cuisine. Sushis are atrociously modified to handheld rice kebabs, teriyaki chicken is the most well-known japanese food here although you might have little luck finding them in Japan. Japanese cuisine is one of my favourite cuisine but I look with disappointment whenever I go to the sushi places here because the sushi here are way oversized, made with dry rice, most of the time they are stale and they are very expensive!

However, there are still some Japanese restaurants that I frequent and I think they are worth mentioning because they serve good food. If you know of any good Japanese restaurants please let me know!

As my craving for Japanese food kicked in, I googled for the best Japanese restaurant in Perth. Satsuki came up and I decided to give it a try.
Having been to Japan recently, I was blown away when I visited Satsuki. Their service was similar to the service in Japan, they were so polite, attentive and efficient. The style of the restaurant was quite casual and there were a few tables outside for alfresco dining (request to sit outside as I think it is nicer). They also have a lunch takeaway and dinner takeaway menu. I made a reservation as the place is usually full.

Steam Rice - $3
Agedashi Tofu - $8.50
I was a bit surprised that we need to pay $3 for steam rice, but I think that is most of the restaurants' custom in australia :(
The agedashi tofu was one of the best I've tasted in Perth! The batter was slightly crispy while the tofu was silky soft served with mince radish on top (which is the japanese way but most restaurants here don't do that). The serving was quite generous too.

Deep Fried Sushi Roll with Miso Marinated Tuna - $15.00
I was intrigued by this interesting dish! Sushi roll, thats covered in batter and deep fried,  sounds amazing isnt it? The sushi was crispy on the outside, but moist and full of flavour on the inside. The tuma was marinated with miso and this dish was heavenly.

Wagyu Beef Tataki - $17.00
I've recently acquired a taste for beef tataki - lightly seared raw beef served with lots of garlic, spring onion in a tangy sour sauce. I am still a bit repulsive with eating raw beef (or any kind of meat including fish) but the beef tataki tastes sooo divined I will just have to cast my inner thoughts aside and let the foodie in me take over. Again, one of the best in Perth I've ever tasted! The beef was tender soft and fresh, it was good wagyu!

Pork Belly Kakuni - $14.00
The softest part of the swine family is the pork belly (where bacon comes from) as the glorious saturated fats that is everyone's enemy is in that area too. This pork belly was so nicely braised, you can still taste the sake in the stock. The meat was incredibly soft it went really well with the rice due to it's strong taste.

I was really impressed by the service and food in Satsuki. They serve good Japanese food although the price of the food is quite high. It is definitely worth a visit and I can't wait to go back again!

Rating: 4.5/5
LocationL Shop 1, 50 Subiaco Square
P: 08 93819868

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  1. I've had the deep fried sushi roll at Star Sushi on William st perth and it was quite good, only $4.

    My husband is Japanese and enjoys the sushi from Jaws as the most authentic. As for the buta kakuni, I make that at home all the need to pay $14 at a restaurant. I think they are way overpriced for such things that are home-style cuisine.

  2. Which Jaws does your husband frequent? Personally, that is not my favouriate sushi place. I guess we all have different opinions and taste! OOO please let me know the recipe for buta kakuni! It seems like such a difficult dish to master, you must be a good cook! Sadly, most japanese restaurants are way overpriced in Perth

  3. He usually frequents the one in Perth, Hay st I think it is, we sometimes go to the all-you-can-eat. :) Do you have an email? or you want me to type out the recipe on here. :)

  4. Hi Kelly, you are too kind! Please email me the recipe at , or share it here whichever you are comfortable with. I will try it one day and post it on the blog. Thanks for reading!