Monday, September 14, 2009

Perth - Deli Chicchi at Ardross St

Had Thursday off work so I can study and catch up with my lectures. Instead, I went to meet one of my closest friend from uni for lunch and coffee. this smart girl here has answers to everything just graduated from law school. She's leaving Perth next month and will be going to canada next year to travel and work! i will miss u, and hopefully if i dont spend all my money on food i will go visit u!

we had lunch at Sundays Everyday where i ordered my teriyaki chicken udon with the chicken separated again.. i will never get sick of that dish

The rain was pouring down heavily so our initial plan of going for some beer changed to going to a cafe for hot coffee. Why do I always feel like having coffee and snuggling under a blanket whenever it is raining?

This is my mocha (sg mff's fav coffee) with a small glass of dark chocolate chips at the side.

We sat outside with our coffee and cupcakes and chatted over the faint sound of the rain.

had to order a cupcake as there were no cupcakes at home and i was craving for one very badly.
this was my friend's cupcake. Their cupcakes really remind me of what i baked before! i love Deli Chicchi's selection of cakes as they are all baked freshly and looks home-made, which gives you this very cosy feeling when you have coffee here.

Rating: 4/5 -because it is a really nice and cosy cafe. There were people who brought their dogs with them, i want to bring my dogs to a cafe too! I have not tried that before because I dont want to be chased out with 2 dogs held on one hand, and another hand holding my coffee and cupcake! I should try and see how my dogs react, i know for sure they will be wagging their tails and jumping on strangers because they are such attention seekers.

Location: Ardross St, Applecross

then we went to good grocers to look at the overpriced groceries which blended in with the richer Applcross suburb. I heard it was opened by my former employer and they just take their goods from *** and marked it up, this is from a company who emphasizes on supporting locals and providing better service to the local community.

with their exorbitant prices, i could still find a few cheaper stuff to buy.bought the white chocolate apple $1.99 which sounds delicious but does not taste as good as it sounds -- someone finished it without giving me a bite :(

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